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Legend of Marble mountain in Danang

According to legend, in the early nineteenth century, King Minh Mang discovered the marble mountain when he visited here. The privilege that nature gives to these mountains clearly manifests in the mysterious cave system whose cave Am Phu (infernal cave) is considered to be the largest and most complex as the other marble mountain caves.
This cave is divided into two paths, one leading to heaven and the other to hell. In front of the front door is the Yin Bridge and Yang. According to legend, it is the bridge over the Nai Ha River - where the souls of the dead pass by. Apparently, the craftsmen of the non-craft village of Non Nuoc made this bridge and put it here hundreds of years ago.
The cave has 12 prison gates, each gate has a governor. Along the narrow paths there is the sound of the wind. In the cave appear scenes recreated the legend of Hades as the "cohorts" that kill the criminals, the streams to reduce the injustice... Besides Vietnam, if you still want to discover more ancient monuments in Asia, a Cambodia and Vietnam itinerary will be an ideal choice for you.
Visiting the Infernal Cave of the Marble Mountain, visitors can admire not only beautiful natural scenery but also learn many interesting folklore stories, penetrating Buddhist philosophy.
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Update : 12-08-2017

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